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Introducing – Becky Holt

Introducing – Becky Holt

‘Yo whaddup Front readers!!
Its me, Becky Holt the Queen of Ink coverage! I’m ink mad and I’m here to share some of the worlds raddest & baddest tattoos! The ever growing tattoo industry is getting bigger with more people going under the needle than ever!! Have you got wack art or sick ink? I wanna see what you got so I can rate it or slate it!
Send me your ink, name of the artist & why you got it’

Email: Instagram: @beckyholtinked Twitter: @beckylocoholt

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Becky Holt

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Get your ad in the Mag!

Any kick ass brands out there wanna snap up a Ad in the new mag?
We have a few slots left in the re-launch issue, Email –
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Introducing – Jo Evans

Introducing – Jo Evans

‘Oh Hey Hey,
I am about to take over the world with my front girl army! If you have ever been interested in taking your kit off, (girls only i am afraid boys), then get in touch with me for your chance to appear in next months mag!
I am scouting new alt talent and cant wait to get tits and tatts thrown at me, lets face it, who wouldn’t want my job!’
Email: Instagram: scribbles_suicide Twitter: scribblesuicide

Jo Evans

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Introducing – Ellis Cooper

Over the next few days we are going to be announcing all our rad new columnists and contributors, first up…

Introducing – Ellis Cooper
‘Whud up fools! I can’t wait to give you guys a look into my life beyond the photographs! Hit me up if you have any questions or semi-appropriate requests.’
Twitter: @EllisCooperX Instagram: @EllisCooperOfficial
‪#‎FrontArmy‬ ‪#‎FrontMagReturns‬

Ellis Cooper

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We’re Back!!!!! #FrontMagReturns #FrontArmy

We're Back

We’re Back

The time has finally come, FRONT is returning this February.
All the tits, tatts, music, fashion, festivals and parties back in one killer mag!

To set the record straight.
We have a new team behind the mag, not a new magazine and we are not ditching what we stand for! The magazine was laid to rest over a year ago, we couldn’t bear to see it go and have resurrected it with a plan to make it better than ever and bring it back to life! That being said we will be bringing in lot’s of new talent for you guys, the sexiest new FRONT girls to keep you guys happy. We are also searching for new ALT girls, could this be you?

This message to you all is for 2 reasons.
First of which being to say Thank You!! – thank you guys so much for keeping the name of FRONT alive and for all your support in this dark time, this is your magazine and it means a lot that you guys stood by it!

The second reason is to tell you that shit is about to go down…
To celebrate to rebirth of FRONT we are throwing a launch party and we want you all to get involved to spread the news of it’s arrival.

We are giving away 5 annual subscriptions as well as 2 tickets to come to our gnarly launch party with all the FRONT GIRLS.

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win is Tweet, post on Instagram or post on Facebook with “#FRONTMAGRETURNS”, make sure you tag the FRONT profile as well. We’ll announce the winners next month, so get posting right now!

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We thought seeing as it’s been a shit kinda day outside, with Weather Bombs and bins blowing over etc, that a bunch of gnarly pics of Ana would cheer everyone up a bit.
#FrontArmy #Radvent

Ana Radvent

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Radvent Redux – 4

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Radvent Redux – 1

We tried to think of a better name than ‘Radvent Calendar’ but it’s impossible, so here’s ‘Radvent Calendar Redux’.
First up a cheery Xmas wallpaper to spread the festive joy via your computer screens #FrontArmy #Radvent


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iPhone 4 | iPhone 5 | iPad

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