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Tonight the former Reuben frontman headlines a sold-out show in London and The Garage and tomorrow he’s playing again but that one’s not sold out so you should buy tickets. His new solo album is pretty fucking wicked (check our review in FRONT 188) and he sports one of the best moustaches we’ve ever seen – but how will he cope with our renowned 20 Questions?

Favourite video game?
Monkey Island without a doubt – the amazing music for one! And it takes you back in time and it’s as in-depth as a book. Things like Mario Land are cool but they’re like a leaflet whereas Monkey Island is a series of novels.

Best pair of shoes you’ve ever owned?
You know LA Lights – the ones the cool kids wore in the early 90s? They had lights in them that flashed on and off when you walked. I didn’t have them though, I had something like UK Glows which were cheap knock-offs from a market. Everyone at school thought I had real LA Lights but I didn’t – then I lost them after a week.

Worst injury you’ve suffered?
I killed one of my teeth when I was doing PE at school. My teacher noticed I was just dancing round the edge of the rugby pitch instead of getting involved. So I went in and tackled this guy but hit his knee and left a bitemark but my front teeth went grey. It’s difficult to excite ladies with grey teeth.

Favourite smell?
The smell of a freshly cooked pizza that you might find upon entering Pizza Hut. As long as I can get hold of the pizza, otherwise it’s the worst smell ever. I go for chicken and pepperoni with extra sauce! Check it out… »


The Darkness are currently midway through a mammoth UK tour visiting everywhere they possibly can to play to as many people as they can. We went to see them in London and it was fucking incredible. If you don’t like every song on Permission To Land then you’re a) Wrong and b) FUCKING WRONG. Before the spandex hero Justin Hawkins went on stage that night though, we caught up for a round of 20 Questions that led to us talking about turning into a hedgehog, having sex with mermaids and eating cat food. Give it a read below.

The best pair of shoes you’ve ever owned?
I’m a person that has a lot of shoes. I’ve never known a woman that I’ve been related to or in a relationship with who has anywhere near as many shoes as me. I love all of them, that’s why I can’t get rid of them, but if I had to pick one it would be my white combat boots. Actually, no. There was a company that used to be called Augusta but they’re now A Diciannoveventitre, they’re an Italian company and these guys make shoes by hand, and I got a pair of black derbies. They’re the kind of thing Charlie Chaplin might have worn and they go with nothing that I own, but that sort of makes it better so I wear them all the time. Whatever you do, they stand out. It’s a simple classic design but nothing I wear is like that.

Favourite video game?
I really enjoyed International Superstar Soccer when it first came out on the N64. That was one of the first games where you could really create the look of the players so I had me and my brother up front, a few of my friends in midfield, and commanding the central defence was my father. When I won the World Cup with those lot as England there’s a sequence of the team walking round the stadium with confetti everywhere and all the players throwing my father into the air and catching him. It was just so funny, I could watch it all day.

The best place in the world?
I used to think that it was somewhere vaguely exotic and weird like parts of Tokyo or something like that, but in reality it’s the Cap d’Antibes in the south of France because the people are so arrogant it’s an inspiration to me. Everyone behaves like a rockstar and I don’t enough. The way they speak to each other, the way they turn their nose up at things – it’s just awesome. It’s a new kind of etiquette. If everybody behaved like that they’d all be a lot happier. Beneath all the people-pleasing and politeness in England there’s seething resentment, but in the south of France no-one gives a fuck and at least they’re honest. The weather’s a bonus. Check it out… »



It’s Armando Iannucci’s 50th birthday today, so we’ve dug through the archives for this interview we did with him a few years ago. Armando Iannucci is amazing. The Day Today, I’m Alan Partridge, The Thick Of It and Veep wouldn’t exist without him, and he’s one of the only Oscar nominees we’ve ever had in the mag (he was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for In The Loop, the film version of The Thick Of It, but he lost out to the film Precious, which was shite). Plus he made The Armando Iannucci Shows, which was/were (we’re not sure of the grammar of that, it was a single series with a plural name) fucking spectacular. Since this piece, we’ve changed the twenty questions we ask people, so shit’s different now, innit. Also, he told us the full joke that precedes his answer to question 20, and it’s fucking brilliant. Happy birthday, Armando.

1. Who’s your favourite Star Wars character?
The stormtrooper who bangs his head. I was sorry that in the prequels, they didn’t build a story arc explaining why he banged his head. You could have seen him as a child being a bit clumsy. God, the prequels were shit.

2. When did you last throw up?
It was one of the first dates I had with my now-wife when we were students. For some reason we got riotously drunk and both threw up in the same bath. The only way for it not to get out was for us to marry each other.
Check it out… »



Back in FRONT 181 (available to buy HERE) we interviewed Oli Sykes and even put him on the cover – the first and only time we’ve ever put a dude on the cover. But just look how fucking cool he looks? Do you have a leopard? NO YOU FUCKING DON’T, DO YOU! (And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, we borrowed this leopard from a taxidermy museum and has been dead for 70 years.) We interviewed him just as Bring Me The Horizon‘s Sempiternal was released and it’s no exaggeration that it’s still one of our favourite albums of the year. Check out the whole interview with Oli below.

Sempiternal is your first record on a major label, did that affect what you thought you could release?
Definitely not. Being on a major label has smashed any perception I had of it, it’s such a different experience. We were on Visible Noise who did an amazing job but took us as far as we could get, we hit a wall where we couldn’t do the things we wanted to do. Me and my brother made a DVD to put out for our re-release called Lads On Tour but we couldn’t put it out because the label couldn’t afford to get the songs playing in the background of clubs. Now Sony has given us the opportunity to express ourselves artistically. When we joined we said ‘This is what we want to be’. We’re a metal band, that’s a given, but this album’s not a metal album. We don’t want to be perceived as a metal band any more, we don’t want to look like a metal band, we don’t want photoshoots full of blood and flames – we want to look how we want to look and dress how we want to dress.

What was your reaction when the album leaked?
I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t shit but I knew it was coming anyway. I’d made a plan for it happening because I was so sure. Music’s free now, if you don’t want to pay for music then you don’t pay for music. Everyone takes that privilege. As a musician you’ve got to accept that nowadays. You pay to make an album that you don’t get money for, you make money from people liking the album then coming to your shows. And I’m fine with that. When it happened I wanted to spin it in a positive light rather than go ‘Oh fucking hell, let’s cover this up and get it over and done with’. We were just glad people had heard it and were stoked. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, it was cool FRONT liked it, but you never know how the fans are going to react. But when it leaked everyone said it was amazing and that they were going to buy it anyway, so how can you be pissed off when the response is that positive? Who gives a shit about album sales? It makes no difference to me if we get in the charts, all that matters is that we can carry on doing what we’re doing and the fans like what we do. Check it out… »



Back in issue 183 (available to buy digitally here or physically here) we spent a morning in one of those historical dress-up places with All Time Low, which was a lot of fun. They were over here with Green Day at the time, and they’re heading back over here in March, playing across Britain – they’ve just added extra dates to their tour, tickets for which will be on sale on Monday from here.

Enjoy our chat with Alex, Jack, Rian and Zack. It’s also worth noting that we assumed we’d have to do a bunch of normal ones to warm the guys up before we could broach the subject of anyone wearing a dress, but as soon as Jack entered the shop he went “Awesome, I’ll be the chick!”

Hey guys! How’s your day been dressing up?
Alex: That was awesome, I think it was one of the best photoshoots we’ve ever done. And Jack got to dress up like a woman so he was comfortable.
Rian: He really did slip into it right away. He was the first one in costume and it was a dress. They didn’t provide it, he brought his own.

Alex, you’re originally from Essex – do you consider yourself British or American?
At this point I’m pretty American, I moved there when I was seven or eight, so I spent the majority of my grown life there. But at the same time whenever I come back I have this sense of pride for England.
R: Any time something shitty happens in America he’s always like ‘Yeah, that’s why I’m from Britain!’
Jack: He’s only British when it’s convenient to him.
Check it out… »



Last week we streamed the brand new album from Colt 45 and we loved it so much we thought we’d have a quick chinwag with the guys. So why not have a read of our chat with drummer Adam Lewis.

How did Colt 45 come to be?
Neil and Gareth started back in 2008 playing locally in Cumbria, I was working at a venue (The Brickyard, in Carlisle) and saw them play a few times, and thought they were great. Neil called me up one day and said their drummer was leaving and did I want the job, which I jumped at straight away. That was in 2010. It just clicked at the first rehearsal, we wrote Chasing Yesterday and that was it – touring and recording ever since, and now finally releasing our debut album.

Your Facebook says band interests include ‘cuss words’, what are some of your favourites and why?
Shite. It’s different from shit. Shite has so much more depth. Our song Shit Happens has just been called SHITE on the set list for ages.

Piss. It’s just a good one to say. Different contexts as well – piss, pissy, pissed, piss off, piss myself, etc. It’s not offensive, but it pops up in conversation more frequently than you’d think.

Fuck/fucked/fucker/fuck-head/fucko/fuckroid/fuck-rag/fuckface/fuck sake – anything with the letters F, U, C and K in that order is always good. An obvious choice, but superb in all situations nonetheless.

Fanculo. My girlfriend is Italian, and this word can mean anything from ‘fuck off,’ to ‘dickhead’ depending on what comes after it. So yeah, I hear that one quite a lot.

Loser/Idiot. Again, not the most offensive choice, but you’re damn well gutted if anyone ever calls you either of these things.

Bollocks. Just another versatile one. Something can be bollocks, yet it’s also an expression of exasperation, and we also have bollocks. Well, some of us!

What drew you toward that American punk-rock sound?
Just our own personal taste I suppose. I think there’s an equal amount of British influence prevalent on the album as well – certainly many of the bands we have always listened to are British – stuff like the Manics, Smiths, The Cure, Richard Hawley. But yeah, we all grew up listening to bands like Brand New, Alkaline Trio, Jimmy Eat World, At The Drive In, stuff like that, so there’s always going to be a lean towards that US sound I guess, musically anyway.

Who would be in your ultimate punk band?
That’s easier. Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Topper Headon and Paul Simonon. That was the ultimate punk band.

Your album is called Coughing Up Confessions – tell us a secret.
We nicked Lower Than Atlantis’ rug from a show a couple of years ago. We’d supported them and they hadn’t packed it up when they left. So it became ours, and then perished along with our old van, the late Gus the Bus.

Colt 45 is both the name of a gun and liquor – which are you named after?
Neither. It’s just a name the guys had way before my time. And way before we ever imagined we’d be getting asked about it, it’s just stuck. Obviously, there are the gun and beer connotations, but really it’s just a name – it’s easy to say and remember, and we try and make it as easy as possible for people to find. REM just means ‘rapid eye movement’ for fuck sake – they just picked it out of a dictionary! We all like it though, I guess we are noisy like the gun, and rowdy (sometimes), like the beer.

Check out more from Colt 45 on Facebook.


Avenged Sevenfold

If you were under a rock/at work this morning, you might have missed that Avenged Sevenfold are headlining the Friday of Download this year. To be fair, we should have seen this coming, cos M Shadows talked to us at length about the future of A7X in FRONT 185. Check out the full interview below.

Your new album Hail To The King is out this month – are you excited?
I’m very excited. I love the guys in my band, I love hanging out with them, so we feel like we might as well write some music. They’ve got good attitudes about things – we only care about what we think as a group because we’re all friends. Nobody gets stressed out, we just go “Yeah, we’ve put lots of time into this, let’s put it out”. If you’re a fan of an AC/DC, Sabbath vibe and want something to drive down the freeway to with your hand in the air giving the finger, it’s for you.

As it’s album number six, is there more freedom to just write songs you like?
We’ve always been like that. People have an interesting perspective of major labels. Our relationship with the label has always been, “Here’s the money to make it, let us know if you need anything, and hand the record over when you’re done.” We’ve never been told what to do.

Your sound’s changed a lot over six albums, do you get lots of shit from old fans?
Every record we get shit. We get shit if we stay the same and we get shit if we change. When we put out City Of Evil after Waking The Fallen there was a shitstorm. We thought it was really great but people were going “This fuckin’ sucks!” They were calling us sellouts – probably eight of the eleven songs on that record are over eight minutes long, that’s like the least sellout move ever. You can’t really win. Check it out… »


You love death metal, right? OF COURSE YOU DO! We caught up Australia’s finest and brutalist (is that a word?) metallers Thy Art Is Murder for a round of our 20 Questions. Check out what happened when we sat down with frontman CJ.

How many members of Wu-Tang Clan can you name?
One. Ghostface. I do like Wu-Tang Clan though – they’re fucking rad.

Favourite video game of all time?
FIFA. Every one from 1994 until now. I have FIFA Lord tattooed on me, I love FIFA and I love football.

What teams do you support?
I have two – Man City and Chelsea. I like blue and when I was younger I decided to follow those teams. I hate Aussie rules, I hate rugby league, I hate rugby union – I think it’s all dumbfuck sports. You just have to be a meathead and catch a ball then get smashed by loads of other guys in tiny little shorts. It’s got no flair and there’s no skill involved. Football is God’s game. But God doesn’t exist so it’s science’s game.

You can travel through time – what do you do?
I’d probably go back to the early 90s and travel between California and Seattle so I could hang out with Sublime and Nirvana and smoke copious amounts of weed with both parties. Check it out… »

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