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A Decade Under The Influence

It’s 10 years to the day that Taking Back Sunday released ‘Where You Want To Be’ and what a fucking great day that was.

There is almost too many Sunday/Decade lines we could have used here!!

Pritchard vs Dainton – The Rise and Falls

This Premieres tonight and we have been told it’s 99% unseen footage – Winning!

If it’s anywhere near as rad as The Dirty Sanchez Movie then it’ll be placed on repeat in #FrontArmy HQ until a minimum of 10 visitors have been sick watching it, sick in a good way.


The 6 year old child inside #FrontArmy just got so excited he tried to jump out via our arse, either that or the Curry we ate last night was brutal…


Beards + Riffs + Hawaiian Shirts = Four Year Strong

So the new Four Year Strong EP is bloody good, so nice to have these burly bastards back in our lives!
Check out the video for ‘Go Down in History’


We went to the 3 days of awesome that are Sonisphere Festival, we had to go through this footage to even remember what happened, that’s how good it was!!


Introducing Poppy Knights

We know everyone’s been dying to have a good old butchers at Poppy Knights doing her thang, so here’s what happened when we fired a camera at her face!



Front Strikes Back

We have been smashing our way through this new magazine like crazy, but due to all sorts of ‘business stuff’ and ‘the man’ etc, it’s taken longer than we’d hoped to get the newest issue of this sexy ass mag on the shelves. Don’t worry we are hoping you’ll have your filthy mitts on the mag in roughly a month…

To keep you all going, here’s Jo Evans attempting to work a can at our brand new shoot for the mag the other day

Peace out ‪#‎FrontArmy‬




There’s a new trend on YouTube (hey, remember when eating a spoonful of cinnamon was a thing?) of drinking two litres of Diet Coke in one go then burping it out in one. There’s a reasonable bunch on there, but this one from competitive eater/hip-hop artist Eric “Badlands” Booker is the total best. You can skip the first minute if you absolutely have to, but it’s worth sitting through to build suspense. What a burp. What a fucking burp.

If that’s not enough, take a look at the best fart in history HERE.

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