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To celebrate the launch of a new mobile game from Sensei games based on Modern Toss’s Sneezeman character, we’re giving away a very special prize. Modern Toss is one of FRONT’s favourite things ever, and  we’re giving you the chance to win something we would stab off our own kneecaps to get our hands on. It’s a limited edition print signed by Modern Toss creators Mick Bunnage and Jon Link. Imagine how fucking rad your bedroom will look now with this hanging next to all those FRONT Girl posters?

For your chance to win this frankly AWESOME prize, just answer the simple question below:

Which of these is a genuine Modern Toss character?
A) Mr Tourette
B) Mr Chance
C) Mr Trick

To enter, email with MODERN TOSS in the subject line, and your chosen answer with contact details, by 23 November.

And if you REALLY love Modern Toss, there’s a new game for your iPhone based on Sneezeman. Get it HERE.

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