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One of the most respected skate shops in the UK has teamed up with the best magazine in the fucking world for this killer range. We caught up with co-owner of Fifty Fifty Danny Wainwright for a quick chat…

Yo Danny! For readers that don’t know you, who are you and what’s Fifty Fifty?
My name’s Danny Wainwright and I’m fifty percent of Fifty Fifty Store in Bristol with my business partner Justin Sydenham, aka Syd.

What were your aims setting it up 15 years ago?
To support the strong scene in Bristol, to offer honest pricing, advice and a selection of product and brands. Skate shops then had no idea what they were selling, had no diversity of product, and prices were way too high. I’d just turned pro for Powell-Peralta so saw skate shops all around the world doing shit right. It was a no-brainer, we had to do it.

Other than our awesome collaboration, how else are you marking the anniversary?
Doing this collaboration project is great – as a fan of FRONT and naked girls it just made total sense. We’ve also done a collaboration with 5BORONYC, a brand we and Bristol can relate to. Skateboarding in NYC is rough, rugged and raw just like the UK – the floor’s fucked up and you have to be creative to make something happen. We’re also working on a collaboration with Diamond Supply Co I can’t say too much about, and we’ve done a Fifteen Fuckin Years range in the store.

You can get all the collab HERE at the Fifty Fifty store.

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