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Tonight Alive’s new album The Other Side drops on Monday and you just know it’s going to be the bounciest/excitedest album of the year. But what else are they Aussie crew into other than wearing massive grins all the time? Well, vocalist Jenna McDougall gave us the lowdown on her favourite films of all time. Check it!

10 Things I Hate About You
Everything about this movie is so appealing to me. The characters, the script, the plot, the casting, the soundtrack and the time period. I love the character of Kat especially, an outcast feminist who appreciates music and art and seems to have a higher level of maturity and stronger sense of self than your average high school student. And to top it all off, Heath Ledger is a total heart-breaker!

Lords Of Dogtown
I love what this movie represents. From the surf and skate, 70s lifestyle, to the coming of age aspect. It touches on the way fame and attention affects you as a person and the different paths even the best of friends end up on in life. Mostly, I love the sense of freedom and lack of responsibility that’s apparent in the characters through the film.

American Beauty
I find this movie really thought-provoking. I think it makes a real statement about human nature, the way we work together, affect each other and generally deal with life. The plot of Kevin Spacey’s character is my favourite part about the movie. I love the journey it takes you on as he liberates and empowers himself through quitting his job, buying a sports car, working out and rearranging his priorities.

Mean Girls
An undeniable classic from my generation and probably one of the most quotable movies I’ve ever watched. Basically it’s an easy and entertaining watch. I think whoever wrote and directed this is a genius. It never gets old.

It’s Complicated
Meryl Streep is Queen. I find her so endearing and and familiar. Everything from the cruisy soundtrack, to the baking and cooking aspect of the storyline totally attract me to this movie. I enjoyed that a storyline like this could be applied to an over middle-aged cast and still have those cheeky high school/teenage influences like sneaking out and getting high.

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