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groundhogshitIt’s quite hot today right? So you know what you need to make you feel better after last night’s antics? A good film. Yes, that’s right, don’t bother going out in the sun and getting all sweaty – just stay inside in the cool and watch Groundhog Day.

You don’t wanna be outside in the blaring sun getting all hot and bothered, especially on this hangover. What you need instead is to chill next to a fan in your living room and watch a film. And you know what? Groundhog Day is on today so we suggest you watch that.

Basically, the film surrounds this weatherman played by Bill Murray, who has to repeat the same day over and over for some annoying reason. At first he hates it, but then he grows to love it because he can get away with punching idiots and stuff without there being any repercussions. Obviously he eventually hates it again and so it’s (sort of not) a race against time to find out how to stop it.

In a nutshell, the film is about this curmudgeon who gets stuck in some sort of time warp that makes him relive the same 24 hour period on repeat. It sounds like a nightmare (and is at first), but he soon grows to exploit it – he gets to deal with annoying people without getting in trouble and shit. As time wears on though, he becomes tiresome (as you would) and starts worrying that there won’t be any way out.

There’s also the lovely Andie MacDowell, who he fancies. Only having a 24 hour relationship is somewhat difficult – it’s easy for him to research the things she likes in order to woo her, but stretching that past a day is impossible. It’s obviously very frustrating for him.

The repeating is not the only problem on his mind, what with his love interest proving to be a non-interest the next morning (on repeat). Bill Murray makes a lot of effort to get the girl (he remembers everything he’s learnt about her the next day), but it’s all for nothing when everything starts from scratch when dawn breaks.

It’s an absolute classic and we won’t go into any more for fear of spoiling it – so just watch it you hungover bastards.

Groundhog Day is very, very good. We could describe the events in more detail but that would ruin it wouldn’t it? Just sit down and give it a go you horrible drunkards.

It’s on Sky Movies Comedy at 12.10pm.

Catch it at ten past midday on Sky Channel 335.

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