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Adam Sandler isn’t really that good anymore, sure WE WILL STILL WATCH ANYTHING HE’S IN EVER, we just won’t laugh. But once upon a time he was very, very funny, especially when he starred in Happy Gilmore. Which is very, very funny.

It’s about a shit hockey player with anger management issues called Happy Gilmore who is pushed into the world of professional golf after someone spots his unbelievable talent for driving. Golf balls that is, not cars. Turns out he’s really shit at golf, but also really GOOD – basically he can’t putt for shit but his can smash a ball further than the length of 50 King Kong dicks laid end-to-end. So he enters a pro golf competition and shakes up the game big time, what with all his swearing and club-breaking and shit. He also comes up against possibly the best bad guy in any film ever, Shooter McGavin, who eats pieces of shit for breakfast.

Happy then teams up with an ex-pro golfer who had his hand bitten off by an alligator to help him win the competition and the coveted ‘golden jacket’. Obviously, along the way he falls in love with a PR girl – the lovely Julie Bowen (from Modern Family) – who you will also fall in love with unless you are a stupid.

It’s a perfect comedy and has stood the test of endless re-watches – it’s still just as funny now as it was back in 1996. It is on TV today and if you haven’t seen it yet then you better prep your botty for a good smacking.

It’s on Sky Movies Comedy at 3.25pm.

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