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We’ve decided we’re going to do a new little feature here at FRONT. You ok with that? Good. What we’re gonna do is take a look through the weekend TV listings and pick a film that you should watch when you’re massively hungover, and want nothing more than to slump on the sofa to take your mind off the night before when you ran down the street naked.

So today’s movie is Mrs Doubtfire, it’s on at 6.40pm on Channel 4. Let’s tell you why you should watch it:

In case you’ve been living under a giant bollock for a year, then we’ll let you know what it’s about. Basically, Robin Williams is this bloke who is a very good father to his children, but when Williams throws a massive birthday party for his son against his wife’s wishes she gets all angry and decides she doesn’t love him anymore – “I can’t believe you made our son so happy, look at him, he’s surrounded by all his friends, he’s having the best time of his life! I WANT A DIVORCE!!”

So Williams has to leave and can only visit his kids (who are very upset because they love their dad very much) once a week. This obviously annoys Williams, or Daniel – his character’s name – let’s call him Daniel from now on yeah? So Williams (sorry, Daniel) hatches a plan to see his kids more than he’s allowed – thereby BREAKING THE LAW.

Basically, he decides to dress up as an old woman called Mrs Doubtfire and become the new housekeeper/nanny at his family’s house. So he gets his brother and mate to create this intricate old lady costume and he manages to bag the job at his ex-home. Simple, right?

Once inside, he gets up to loads of funny japes because he’s Daniel (sorry, Robin Williams) and that’s what Robin Williams does. Alongside spending time with his children in disguise, he also has time to fuck over Pierce Brosnan, who plays a slimy, slicked back creep (or a ‘Pierce Brosnan’) who is trying to worm his way in with Daniel’s ex-wife. He does this by throwing fruit at the back of his head and ripping the Mercedes logo off his car – you know, things that grown-ups do.

This is a comedy classic, it’s got all you want from a family comedy – crossdressing, law-breaking, someone saying ‘Rumpleforeskin’, an old woman standing up to go for a piss, dishonesty, fake breasts and Pierce Brosnan being a prick.

It’s easily one of Robin Williams’ best films (along with Toys – we’re not joking here) and he expertly plays both sides of his role. Everyone else in it is brilliant too, from Sally Field to the kids (including that cute/scary one from Matilda) and we suppose Brosnan as well, his character is a dick and he plays a dick really well. If there’s anything wrong with the film, we guess it’s the intensely annoying restaurant scene where Daniel double-books himself into having dinner as his respective personalities with different people at the SAME RESTAURANT. Not only would he never make this easily-avoidable mistake, but it descends into one of the most annoying back-and-forth ‘farce’ sequences you can imagine. Your bum will be clenching with enough force to engulf galaxies.


The ending is a bit of cop-out too because obviously Daniel gets rumbled and it’s discovered that he’s been lying to his family all this time. BUT THEY’RE FINE WITH IT. “Oh, it’s you Dad? You’re the one that’s been dressing up as an old woman and living in our house this whole time? You’re the one that’s been putting on an accent and basically being a fully-fledged psychopath and being extremely dishonest to us for ages? It’s you? You’re the one that’s been doing this? I LOVE YOU AND AM NOT CREEPED OUT BY THIS ONE BIT.”


Still, we think it’s wicked and you should watch it today before you go out and disgrace yourself in front of everyone again. In the meantime, here’s a brilliant trailer of Mrs Doubtfire re-cut as a horror film:


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