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Spider-Man was one of the best comic book adaptations ever made when it was first released, because up until then, apart from X-Men, comic book movies were a bit, you know, FUCKING SHIT. But Spider-Man (and X-Men) ushered in a new dawn of properly good adaptations that were properly thought-out rather than shat into a nappy and thrown onto the screen hoping they would stick.

Then Spider-Man 2: The Return Of Eight-Legged Edward came out, and that was even better – Sam Raimi knew his shit – so obviously a third instalment would be awesome too? Especially because it was tackling the best storyline that Spider-Man has ever been involved with – The Venom plot.

Unfortunately it wasn’t as good as the first two, not by a long way – too many characters muddled it up. But we’re here to tell you that it’s still definitely worth a watch. Not only is it still really fun – this is Spider-Man after all (how can it not be fun?), but it’s also an interesting look into the Hollywood system.

Raimi initially didn’t want to include Venom as he already had his main bad guy in The Sandman, but the producers convinced him to include him because he was the fans’ favourite enemy. So he did, but he kept Sandman, and was also forced to include Gwen Stacy – the screenwriter almost split the script into two films because there was so much shit going on. When you watch it, you can really feel the effect of all the pressure on Raimi and at some points it’s difficult to tell what the fucking fuck is going on.

On the basis of this, it’s almost no wonder that they rebooted the franchise (even though that was A FUCKING STUPID AND ANNOYING IDEA), because it would have been difficult to follow straight on from this. They should have tried though. We’d have watched it.

But either way, and particularly if the first two hadn’t come first, it’s still better than a lot of the shit comic book movies out there. IT’S FUCKING BETTER THAN ELEKTRA FOR FUCK’S SAKE. THAT WAS SHIT.

It’s on 5* at 2.50pm.

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