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Say hello to Emilio Estevez, son of Martin Sheen and brother of Charlie, both of whom eclipse him just slightly in the arena of celebrity. Which is a shame, because Estevez has been in some corkers – Young Guns, The Breakfast Club, Repo Man, Maximum Overdrive (the only film Stephen King has directed) and of course, The Mighty Ducks.

The Mighty Ducks is about this prick lawyer played by Emilio Sheen who goes and does a spot of drunk-driving and gets arrested – silly boy – so obviously as ‘punishment’ he has to go and coach a kids’ ice hockey team for some reason. Luckily he used to play hockey himself, but because this is a film and not real-life, he did a silly thing back when he played the sport and everyone still remembers and cares about this now – particularly his old coach, who is now coaching kids’ ice hockey too. Maybe the judge knew all of this and that’s why he chose to send Shestevez off in that direction. That’ll teach him! That won’t bring backloads of horrible memories and send him back to the bottle!

Anyway, Esteveen has to teach this rag-tag bunch of precocious little punks how to play hockey because they are very shit at it. The crux of the film surrounds Martin Estilio and his efforts to keep the kids under control whilst also trying to help them win the ‘big championship’. You can tell who’s going to win but it doesn’t ruin it at all – you’re there for the silly kids banging into each other and falling over on the ice. Oh and for Charlztevez Sheetin coming to terms with his problems and looking deep within himself to finally blah blah blah he’s not a failure and nor are the kids blah blah blah etc.

Even if it’s as sickly as any classic 90s Disney movie for kids, it doesn’t matter because it’s really really good. Also Joshua Jackson from Dawson’s Creek and Elden Henson from Idle Hands play two of the kids and you will recognise their faces, which is fun isn’t it? It’s fun recognising faces. It’s a good job we just told you what films they were in because otherwise you’d have been punching yourself in the head trying to remember where you recognised them from. We’re nice like that. We’re not going to tell you what Jack Reilly (the bad coach) was in before though – you still need to do some things for yourself. Which reminds us, pleeeeeease wipe your bum, you’re stinking out the whole room.

It’s on ITV2 at 12.55pm.

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