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Somehow, this morning, we found ourselves at a press conference for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new film The Last Stand, also attended by his co-stars Jaimie Alexander (of Thor fame) and Johnny Knoxville (of being Johnny Knoxville fame). Fuuuuuck. The film opens on Thursday and is loads of fun. Here’s what we learned from the experience of sitting in the same room as the second most famous dude in the world:

- In the flesh, Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t as tall as you’d think, but he still looks hard as fucking nails. He’s 65 and still looks like he could crush a building with his forehead.

- Johnny Knoxville got drunk last night. He also got drunk most evenings on set after filming. This won’t be a surprise to anyone, but he seemed like the funnest man in the world.

- Jaimie Alexander used to be on her high-school wrestling team. She also does a good Arnie impression.

- Arnie will happily shout out “Get to the chopper!” and “It’s not a tumour!” at the drop of a hat.

- When he was Governor of California, which is a paid job, he gave the money back. “It was only something like $187,000 a year” he said. “That’s like petty cash for me”.

- He still spends 90 minutes a day working out. When he was a bodybuilder he spent six hours a day pumping iron. Training for Thor, Jaimie Alexander spent ten hours a day getting tonk.

- Terminator 5 is currently being written, there’s a new Conan film in the works and Triplets, the sequel to Twins adding Eddie Murphy to the cast, is definitely happening.

- Arnie has been a fan of Jackass for a while, but sees the fundamental difference between what he does and what Knoxville does as “On my films, the stunt has to work. On Jackass, everyone laughs when he falls over and crashes and breaks bones, but if that happens on a film we have to shut it all down.”

- Knoxville did the telephone-pole stunt in The Last Stand himself.

- If you run up to Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end of a press conference brandishing a phone and trying to get a picture with him to be your Facebook profile picture for the rest of your life, a man will stop you. When you then say “Oh come on…”, that man will still not let you past. Then you leave in a huff.

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