How long will you take to get back to me?
We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, hopefully within 48 hours. We do, though, receive a lot of applications every day, so it can sometimes take a bit longer than we’d like. We appreciate your patience.

If you get back to me, does that mean I’ll definitely be in the magazine?
Not necessarily. With so many people applying to become a FRONT model or Alt Girl, we regret that we can only feature a limited amount of girls on the website or in the magazine. We appreciate all our applicants, but unfortunately there’s just not enough room to fit everyone in.

Can I still send in my pics if I don’t want to be an Alt Girl?
We’d love you to – we’re always on the lookout for sexy new girls for all sections of the magazine. Don’t be put off just because you aren’t covered in ink: you could still be the next FRONT cover star!

Do I have to have tattoos to become an Alt Girl? Not at all – lots of our Alt Girls do have piercings and ink, but it’s not a requirement by any means. Being an Alt Girl is an attitude, not just a look.

If I change my mind later, can I withdraw my application?
We’re nice people, so if you change your mind we will do our best to cancel your application or remove any pictures of you from the website. We do, though, strongly suggest that you think carefully before sending your pics in. We’re obviously unable to unprint any pictures that appear in the magazine, and even if we take down your pictures from the website it can be very hard to remove photos from the internet completely.

Why can I only upload six pictures with my application?
Because of the number of initial applications we get, we have to keep the size down. If you’ve got more pics you want to send us, that’s great – we can have a look at them later.

Do I have to use a modelling name?
We prefer girls to use their real names – first name and surname – but some people like to use a different name or not have their surname printed. This box is just an option for people that want to do that. If you leave that box blank, we will print your full name.

Why do I have to give you my mobile number? We sometimes have to contact people in a rush, so that’s why we need a direct phone number for you. We won’t pass any of this information on to anyone else.

Will you print my MySpace or Facebook address if I give it to you? Yes. Some people like to have their address published so they get lots more friends. If you do not want these details published, please leave this box blank.

Why don’t you accept girls with fake boobs?
We prefer all the girls in FRONT to be 100% natural, so we have a blanket policy of only using girls who have natural boobs. Sorry!

Where will you use the pictures I send in?
The pictures normally go on the website or in the magazine in the Alt Girl DIY section. We will occasionally use them in other FRONT products, such as calendars.

Will I be paid any money if you use any of my pictures?
Unfortunately, we can’t pay any money for pictures that we use.