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Name: Ane
Age: 21
From: Norway
What are you up to right now? “Just waiting for the supermarket to open, so I can grab some breakfast after not really sleeping last night.”
Talk us through your tattoos: “I’m not really sure how many I’ve got, I think it’s around twenty-something. I’ve got a lot of shitty rock ‘n roll tattoos on myself as well. I love them, even the really bad ones.”
First gig? “I skipped going to a schooltrip with my class when I was fifteen and went to a big music festival in Sweden. I saw Deftones, Dropkick Murphys and The Strokes.”
Perfect night out? ” I love not planning. Sometimes it can be perfect just drinking a bottle of wine and eating good food with good people, and sometimes it can be nice to get shitfaced with bad people.”

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