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Name: Chelsea
Age: 18
Location: Aberdeen
Tumblr: HERE
What are you up to right now? “I was doing commercial law notes for uni, but fuck it, I’m going to watch some films and eat chocolate for the rest of the night.”
Talk us through your tattoos and piercings. “I have one standard ear piercing, a 20mm tunnel, two belly piercings, and four microdermals. I also have two tattoos on my left side (which are joined together), one of Ganesh, and one of a lighthouse. I can’t wait to get cash for more tattoos. The Scottish Tattoo Convention this year gave me some awesome ideas.”
What’s your favourite album ever? “EVER?! Fuck. I don’t even know. Right now I’m majorly into Deaf Havana’s album Fools And Worthless Liars.”
What’s your perfect night out? “I prefer nights in! A film and a takeaway is my ideal night. My perfect night out if I had to pick one would be going to a decent gig, then an afterparty. Take me on a decent night out FRONT! Show me how you guys party.”
Got any secret passions? “I have a passion to get good at BMXing. I got a bike at the end of last year but haven’t been riding much. I need someone to teach me a trick or two! It’s definitely not as easy as it looks… or maybe I’m just shit.”

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