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Name: Seany
Age: 22
From: Swindon
Tell us about your tattoos and piercings: I’ve just got my nose pierced at the moment, I used to have tons of piercings but I took them out because I became a professional dancer. As soon as I quit doing that I thought I’m just gonna go all out and get loads of tattoos which is what I wanted to do, completely the opposite.
Booze of choice: Vodka and mixer and I love Rekorderlig and Kopparbergs, but it’s so bad because you drink it like it’s Coke, and I’m a massive lightweight anyway!
My secret passion is… Fluffy things. You know those chicks walking around in fluffy coats? I can’t have one, because I’d just walk round stroking myself the whole time! I’d look crazy!

Seany last appeared in FRONT 179, which you can get HERE.

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