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Name: Josephine
Age: 20
From: Whitley Bay
Facebook: HERE
Talk us through your tattoos and piercings: “I’ve got my tongue webbing pierced and both nipples. They’re the cool ones. I’ve got a sugar skull tattoo on my right foot, a large owl perched on a cherry blossom on my left ribs and a hummingbird and flowers on my right forearm. I’ve only got three at the minute but I’m getting a fox on my left calf soon.”
Booze of choice: “Vodka. I prefer a flavoured one but I’m not going to knock it if it gets me drunk!”
Favourite album ever: “That’s a tough question. I go through phases of liking different styles of music, but today I’ve been listening to † by Justice. An old one I know but it’s still a good listen.”

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