FRONT Magazine


MEL SAYS “About three years ago, I emailed some pictures to FRONT on the off-chance and thought nothing of it. Then, a few days later, I received a phone call saying I had a whole page to myself in the Alt Girl DIY section and asking if I wanted to shoot for the Alt Girl section! I was flattered and excited and said yes!

“I went to my photo shoot, where everybody was friendly and understood that I might be nervous. The photographer was amazing, she really made me feel less nervous. When the shoot appeared in the mag I thought it looked amazing!

“After my Alt Girl shoot was published I was scouted by a well-known agency and got the opportunity to grace the actual cover of FRONT magazine. I was extremely nervous as I’d never been photographed fully topless before, and I was scared of what people might say. I ended up having more fun on that shoot than I’d ever had on one before, and everybody was relaxed and chilled out which created a great atmosphere on-set. When the cover came out I got so much support and realised I had nothing to worry about. I’ve now had five covers with FRONT and it’s opened so many doors for me – modelling is now my career and I’ve traveled to places like LA. I’m going to Barbados for a shoot next week! Next year, the Moon!”

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