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When idiot FRONT staff members are late for work, we force them into a ceremonial form of torture known here as The Spinny Chair. It normally consists of said idiot downing shots of a disgusting out-of-date spirit before being thrust onto an office chair and whisked around in a rapid circular motion. There is a lot of sweat and tears and often some vomit.

On the other hand, and in an unrelated instance that we’re now struggling to link sufficiently to the above rambling, when the amazing Arabella Drummond strips off and spins herself around in her chair, things become entirely different. Watch the video to find out what it’s like (it’s much better than The Spinny Chair.)

And in other news, our clever-ass newsletter subscribers have already seen another equally ace (if not even more amazeballs) behind the scenes video today, in which a very naked Arabella cuddles up to a skate deck in bed. Are you well jel? Not to worry… If you sign up now, we’ll send it straight over to you. You’d be a fooooool not to get involved.

Music: Arts Factory by LightGuides

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