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Hello Jack. Tell us about yourself.
I’m an illustrator and I work from a shipping container that I use as a studio on a farm. I exhibit my paintings worldwide in shows, and I make my own comics. I love collecting action figures, reading badly-written Silver Age comics and watching classic horror films.

Talk us through a typical job.
First of all, I’ll just doodle in a sketchbook to get into the swing of things, then I’ll start to sketch out plans. After that, I’ll start on the big final. I’ll lightbox the final and start inking it, then I’ll scan that and colour it. If I paint, I layer the painting with background first, then characters, then detail.

Who are your dream clients?
Working with a toy company or an animation studio. Something where I get to see other people working on making my ideas come to life. It’s selfish but sod it, I’ve always wanted my own action figures and cartoons.

You often draw your own interpretations of existing characters – which are your favourites?
Probably my inspirational people piece. It took a long time to finish all the individual paintings, but I’m really pleased with the finished image. I even got to exhibit them as a mini exhibition. I’ve always wanted to paint John Waters and David Lynch, so it was a great excuse to.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?
It would have to be my grandad. When I was younger, he fixed up a smashed-up old speedboat and I helped him to take it to the sea on a crappy old boat transport on the back of his car. We were driving along a main road and we heard a huge crash and the boat fell off the back and smashed on the floor.
He also accidentally set fire to his camper van one time and it blew up, so we had a huge burnt-out piece of crap sitting outside my old house for a few months. He cut his finger off with an angle grinder, fell off a six storey building into a digger claw when he was a builder and set up fireworks so badly that they fired at my family. He’s like a living Simpson’s character.

Who are the are the artists you look up to?
Gary Baseman and Gary Panter. I’ve been influenced by them both since I was a teenager. I love how they don’t compromise, do what they want and keep their integrity.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring artists?
Enjoy yourself! The only barriers that can stop you are in your mind, so build your confidence, work hard and go for it. You never know where your work will take you.

See more of Jack’s work HERE.


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