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It’s only a few weeks until Slam Dunk Festival, where our Front X SinStar Bar will be graced by killer acts including the mighty Caspa. He’s also in the ace main fashion feature in our current issue, on shelves now. With that in mind, we thought we’d dust off this 20 Questions interview we did with him back in FRONT 172.

1. As a youngster, what was your favourite film?
Gotta be The Goonies. I loved Chunk.

2. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?
I had a Reggae Reggae pasty from a service station on the way to Leeds. I took a bite and threw it out the window. No disrespect to Levi Roots, but it was pretty bad.

3. If you could throw one person off TV into a pen of lions, who would it be?
Alan Titchmarsh. About ten years ago, he was on the Shredded Wheat box, so at breakfast he’d just be looking at me. It’s his face. It really annoys me. That cereal box got punched up and ended in the bin.

4. If you could have any super power, what would you go for?
Easy, it would be flying so I could get to gigs easy and do four of them a night. I’d make more money that way.

5. What is the first album you ever bought?
I think it was Mobb Deep’s first album Hell On Earth. I remember the first single I bought, though. It was Rhythm Is A Dancer by Snap! That was on tape from Our Price for 99p.

6. What’s your favourite rude word?

7. Who’s the biggest arsehole famous person you’ve ever met?
Ah man, my friends are more arseholes than famous people.

8. Have you got any phobias?
Spiders. I have recurring nightmares about them.

9. If you weren’t doing this for a living, what would you be doing?
I’d like to think I’d start up a restaurant or be a chef there. Food is something I’ve got into as I’ve got older. My speciality is probably this Caribbean spicy chicken that I do. It’s pretty damn good.

10. What social networking shit do you like?
Instagram is my favourite. It’s so easy to use. I only got it a few months ago but it’s already full of food porn.

11. What’s the most you’ve ever needed the toilet?
I was on my way from Liverpool to Manchester with Rusko, and pretty late for another show. We got out of the car, ran into the venue and pissed at the same time. Running and pissing at the same time is a talent.

12. What’s the worst idea you’ve ever had?
I hired a friend of mine as my driver to take me to gigs. He worked during the day, and one night he was super tired and started falling asleep at the wheel. I’ve never been so scared in my life. That was a bad idea.

13. What’s your alcoholic drink of choice?
I love it all, but when the sun’s out it’s a gin and tonic.

14. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever said to a lady you fancied?
I remember opening my mouth to talk to a girl and just puking everywhere. She walked off and left me to be sick everywhere. You can’t recover from that.

15. What’s the most illegal thing you (or “a friend of yours”) have ever done?
Ha, nothing I can say in a magazine. When I was young we used to dial 999 from payphones. One time we got caught by the police, and I was scared that my dad would kill me. It shit me up.

16. What have you seen that you really wish you could un-see?
Two Girls One Cup. That’s not something to watch before a curry.

17. Tell us an AMAZING thing we wouldn’t know about you.
I used to play basketball for England, but I dislocated my shoulder about 20 times.

18. Why should people grab a copy of your new single War featuring Keith Flint?
It’s a great track. It’s out there, it’s different and hard and edgy. I want people to buy good music, not just mine but any good music.

19. Where’s the shittest place you’ve ever been?
Man, I went to a curry house in Essex last night and their toilets were fucking terrible.

20. Do you have a secret skill/party trick?
I can do this thing with my eye, where I can make it do a fart noise. I just push my eyeball and it farts. It freaks everybody out.

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