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Renowned drum and bass duo Matrix and Futurebound had a quick chat with us about crime fighting duos, Catchphrase and Liverpool being awesome.

As successful artists in your own right, what brought you guys together to make music? Did your eyes meet across the room, lock in a moment of musical intimateness followed by a racing of heartbeat, sweaty palms and dry mouth?
Futurebound: Well for me, Matrix has always had magnetic eyes and from the minute I saw him in Music House studios I knew he was the chosen one.
Matrix: As soon as I heard Futurebound speak with those delicate scouse tones I was totally captivated and I could tell it was meant to be. I actually had no idea at that point that he was completely tone deaf.

You’ve been very busy boys over the past 12 months, big plans for 2013?
Matrix: Yeah it’s definitely been a great 2012 and our last single, All I Know, getting to number 29 in the charts makes it our best year yet.
Futurebound: Looking into the future we have our new 2013 swimwear calendar available just in time for Christmas, as well as a guest appearance on Jeremy Kyle.
Matrix: We’re also working on an exclusive fragrance range for next year called Gobshite: For Him & Her. Oh… and we’ll also be releasing a new album some time in 2013.

You’ve been getting a lot of airtime recently on BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Radio 1, have you got used to hearing your own music being introduced by Westwood in a flurry of sirens and explosions on your drive home?
Matrix: Yeah, we’ve definitely had great support from 1Xtra and Radio 1 this year and our new single, Magnetic Eyes has just been put on their playlist, which we’re very pleased about.
Futurebound: We’re not talking to Timmy any more though, since he never mentioned our names when he introduced All I Know on his show.

You’ve worked with Baby Blue and Luke Bingham this year, who d’you reckon is a right cunt and you’d never work with even if you were paid with all the tequila in Mexico?
They’re both a pair of right cunts and we wouldn’t touch either of them with barge poles.
Matrix: Agreed, although all the tequila in Mexico would certainly make them a bit easier to work with.

So you’re from London and Liverpool respectively but which city has the most fucked-up party goers?
London is full of cock heads, Liverpool rocks!
Matrix: Futurebound is probably the most fucked-up party-goer I know so whatever city he’s located in.

After playing abroad a bit, how do the overseas crowds compare to home soil?
Overseas crowds are an absolute pleasure. They know all the tunes, which is very important and they’re very open minded when we play different genres, allowing us to take them on an eclectic and exciting journey through the musical landscape.
Futurebound: Having said that, all foreigners who can’t speak English are cunts.

Your names Matrix and Futurebound have a nice ring to them like a crime fighting duo, which is a happy coincidence, who’s your favourite detective pair?
Peter Sellars and The Pink Panther. Everyone says Batman & Robin but they were a pair of arse bandits.
Matrix: Batman and Robin? At least now I know where Futurebound gets his very unique dress sense from.

The first Matrix film was really good but they got progressively shitter after that, in fact we’re struggling to think of any film trilogy where the films actually got better through the series. The Mummy trilogy, maybe? Until the Scorpion King – that was a big bucket of wank. Thoughts?
The Godfather is the one, although admittedly if you want it to get progressively better you’ll have to watch them in reverse order. I think Toy Story is more Futurebound’s cup of tea though.
Futurebound: There’s only one trilogy that got progressively better in my book and that’s Steptoe & Son.

You released a single titled Strength 2 Strength/Crystal Maze… Now we’re on the topic of 90s gameshows would you rather take part in Fort Boyard or Catchphrase?
Excuse us, but what the fuck is Fort Boyard?
Matrix: We’ve both got paddy blood running through us, so it’s Catchphrase all day long!

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