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Yesterday Alex Baker was on the search for his new musical fancy, Audiostrobelight. To lure them in he threw a huge party, bit did they turn up?

Guys! You came! Legends! Do you like to party as much as your music and positive outlook on life makes it seem?
As much? No, way more. In fact, party is our middle name. AudioPartyStrobelight. We leave it off of most things, as most people do with their middle names, but it’s there.

If someone actually invented an audio-strobe-light, do you think it would be the most fucking horrendous thing ever? You know, when a high-pitched frequency slams into your ears and it makes you go well wobbly. Do you think it would do that?
Well wobbly? No way! A real life audio-strobe-light would be, like, the most amazing thing ever! It’d provide food to starving children, cure previously uncured diseases, it’d even end religious conflict worldwide. We’re beta testing them as we speak.

What is your favourite chord in the whole world? Teach me how to play it!
THE STROBE CHORD. Funny thing, it’s so awesome, yet so few even attempt it. All you have to do is put your fingers anywhere you want on any instrument you please, then you just thrust outward (from your soul) with the fury and confidence of exactly 50,000 bald eagle/tiger hybrids. It sounds fucking AWESOME, man.

I think Taylor Swift is so hot, do you agree? You’re American, do you know her?
Weird you bring that up, we did know her, but then we all dated her, in succession, one after another, until there were none of us left. Wonder where all those awesome break up songs come from? Right here. We’re the source of all that heartache and teen angst. Our bad.

If the US military (or any other military force) asked you to help them develop sonic weapons, would you do it? If the answer is YES, would you build a party-failsafe in? So, for example, the “riot police” may think they are blasting a sonic wave of pure bowel moving displeasure at the rabble – but ACTUALLY the sonic boom vibrates at the perfect frequency to make everyone move and shake like the aged but still silky-smooth, Usher.
Well, that’s the best thing we’ve ever been asked. I’m not even sure if there is an answer that can outdo this question. Truly exceptional work. It should be noted, we can only dream of Usher levels of silky-smoothness.

If you HAD to have one lyric from any band/artist ever tattooed across your chest, what would it be and why?
“I believe I can fly.” It’s R-fucking-Kelly, do you need more reason? Also, SPACE JAM.

If “the other guy” publicly pledged his support for Audiostrobelight would you have voted for him instead of Obama? Are you that easily swayed?
Hmm, maybe, but there’d have to be a lot in it for us. Maybe snacky cakes? For the record, we voted for Matthew Parry. Who cares if he was running or not, he really likes to party.

I once watched a man poo in a McFlurry cup during load out at a gig, it was so funny I cried Then the tang of the poo in the air hit my eyes and I had to run away. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you guys on the road?
One time, for Halloween, we were Jay-Z. I don’t mean one of us, all five of us were Jay-Z. That’s five Jay-Z’s in one place. We played Jay-Z music. I don’t mean we covered a Jay-Z song, we did a bunch of Jay-Z songs, cause that’s what he does. Jay-Z plays Jay-Z songs. Did I mention we were Jay-Z?

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