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To celebrate the release of Crossfaith’s latest single Jägerbomb, the rave-metal frontman Koie Kenta gave us his guide to Jägermeister.

Record number of Jägers in one sitting?
Sorry but I really can’t remember how many. I remember at one point drinking my 20th shot but then I have no idea.

Chosen attire when having a Jäger session?
Whatever you want! But your clothes might get dirty, don’t dress for a special occasion.

Choice of snack to accompany a Jägerbomb?
Jägerbombs give you the munchies so every snack is delicious. Choose anything!

What should never be said after drinking Jäger?
“Tastes like toothpaste.”

What’s the best thing a Jäger session has been responsible for?
Because of Jäger, I’ve made so many friends!

What’s the worst thing a Jäger session has been responsible for?
I’ve been hungover so many times with Jager. I know it’s a Jager hangover when I throw it up in the morning.

If Jäger turned people into monsters, I’d morph into…

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