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Here it is, the first in a long-ass journey of 26 consecutive gigs going from A-Z. There are some proper rules and shit for it HERE so I’ll guess you’ve already read it and go straight into this little review, yeah?

The first gig of my tour unsurprisingly begins with the letter A and it’s A Day To Remember. These guys are fucking massive and sub-headlined the second state at Download last weekend, but for this they played a more intimate setting in Camden. Bring it on!

Who: A Day To Remember
When: 5 June, 2013
Where: KOKO, London
Beer: £4 for a can of Fosters.
Average age: 17
Cost of a t-shirt: £20
Best Bit: ADTR’s steam release effect that looks like A-Train’s entrance.

Opening for ADTR were hardcore favourites, Your Demise. It was their last ever London show until March next year as they’re unfortunately calling it a day. It’s a sad day when any band splits up but there were no unhappy faces as the punky moshmongers threw themselves around the stage with such ferocity that the crowd had no choice but to follow suit and turn the floor into a sweaty ocean of flailing arms, flying bodies and constant circle pits… but this was just a warm-up.

Rushing on stage in a flurry of steam and heavy guitars, ADTR took the momentum from Your Demise and turned it up to powerdrive. There’s more to this band then just pop-punk vocals with br00tal breakdowns, these guys brought an arsenal of party antics. Do you love inflating condoms at gigs and bouncing them round the crowd? Well ADTR brought their own branded beach balls for you to play with instead! As well as some random dude dressed as the red Angry Bird throwing t-shirts into the crowd and mountains of loo roll the band threw around the stage and front rows. Of course it was fresh paper, otherwise it would have made a mint on eBay.

The music itself was always going to be fuel for the kids at the front losing their shit. Blasting through a mammoth 20 song setlist that included new ‘un Right Back At It Again and (for the first time ever in Europe) Another Song For The Weekend. But it wasn’t all roadrunner speed chaos, we were treated to a heart-tearing acoustic rendition of It’s Complicated that halted the moshfest and started an iPhone-tastic filmathon. You can see it all on YouTube HERE.

But it was set closer Downfall Of Us All and ‘that breakdown’ that sent everyone into a foamy-mouthed fit of crazy. It’s a staple part of every decent rock club in the world but tonight pissed on every time you’ve heard this song while bouncing around with your mates. Everyone was SCREAMING the piss out of their bodies until the house lights came up. It’s lucky there was loo roll all over the floor.

Next time is B for Blood Command.

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