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SO HERE IT IS! The latest series of posts to grace the best website in the world – FRONT magazine. If that big sexy banner at the top didn’t make it clear, I’m Luke and this is my Alphabet Tour. Not this post, but the next 26 after this. The idea probably takes some explaining so here’s the basic rules of what I’m going to try and do before Christmas…

  • Go to 26 gigs headlined by bands in order of A-Z. So that’s AC/DC to ZZ Top – but it won’t be them.
  • Festival performances don’t count – unless the band is headlining a stage.
  • I can’t skip a letter then go back to it. They have to be consecutive.
  • This has to be finished in six months.

So that’s it, six fucking months I have to find 26 bands playing headline shows. In order. Obviously some letters will be harder than others – Q, X, Z etc – but this is open to ANY BAND headlining a show. They don’t have to be world-famous, just playing a gig. If you’re in a band with an obscure fucking name then start playing some shows as close to my house as possible, yeah? It’ll really help me out.

So wish me luck dudes and dudettes as this will no doubt send me mental.

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