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Eva Spence
Hello Eva. Rolo Tomassi have a Triple LP coming out 16 April, isn’t that right.
I think people that have got into the band over the past year aren’t really going to know what to expect from it. Some of the older tracks on there is just stuff we recorded in our drummer’s shed after school one day.

I’m really interested to see what people draw from that, and how they think that we’ve progressed from it, as we haven’t re-recorded anything, it’s all the original tracks.

When I joined the band I was 14 and now I’m 20 and like completely different stuff. My tastes in everything have changed and we’ve grown up a little bit musically, and it’s the same with the rest of the boys.

We’ve all branched off in different directions with the music we’re into, and I think that’s really reflected in the new stuff for the band.

Tell us about the May tour.
I don’t know whether the people know what to expect when they come to see us now; people seem quite shocked anyway from the live show.

If you haven’t come and seen us before, it can be quite hectic when we play, there’s a lot of energy on stage. We’re going to be playing a brand new song we’ve never played live before, it’s not even been recorded yet.

I’m excited to go back and revisit places that we’ve not we’ve not played for a couple of years. I love playing Glasgow and London’s gonna be our biggest ever headline UK show, so it’s going to be pretty special.

The Well in Leeds is just perfect. Last time we played there it was just a crazy show. The venue was just absolutely packed out, and everyone was going crazy, people jumping on the stage, flipping off the stage… It was just really fun.

So what’s next for Rolo?
We’re going to be doing a bunch of festivals over the summer, and we’ve started writing again, so we’ll do another album. It’s a really exciting time.

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