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Hit The Deck is just around the corner and we can’t fucking wait. A full day of debauchery and drinking courtesy of some of the best punk bands around. If you’re not coming along then you’re not invited to our birthday party anymore. So why not buy tickets HERE, yeah? To get you excited, we had a quick chat with Pure Love, Rolo Tomassi and Bleed From Within about how bonkers it’s all going to be.

How psyched are you for Hit The Deck?
Jim (Pure Love): We’re really happy to be playing. The crowds in Bristol and Nottingham are always great.
James (Rolo Tomassi): Very! We’re all based in Nottingham now so it’s a hometown show of sorts. Plus we had a great time playing last year so it’s nice to come back and do it all again.
Ali (Bleed From Within): We are really excited to be back at the festival. It’s been two years since we played there last, and we are ready to tear the place apart. We will be playing some tracks from our new album, Uprising, and can’t wait to see how everyone reacts!

Who do you recommend to watch at the festival?
Jim (Pure Love): Pure Love!
James (Rolo Tomassi): I’m really looking forward to watching Whirr, Title Fight and Jonah Matranga. I’d recommend people check out any of those acts.
Ali (Bleed From Within): There is a bunch of bad-ass bands, and a nice variety of them at that. We recommend checking out our friends in Feed The Rhino, Devil Sold His Soul, LostAlone, Heart Of A Coward, Pure Love and Attention Thieves. And Bleeding Through as well, obviously! It’s going to be one hell of a party afterwards.

What are the crowds like in Bristol and Nottingham?
Jim (Pure Love): We’re really happy to be playing. The crowds in Bristol and Nottingham are always great.
James (Rolo Tomassi): Usually pretty good. Our last few headline shows in Bristol particularly have been a lot of fun.
Ali (Bleed From Within): We have only played Nottingham a handful of times in the past, but we were there with Miss May I in December, and it was mental. Such a good audience! The time before that with While She Sleeps was also pretty crazy. Bristol has always been amazing. We played our first show there in 2007 and have always loved coming back. Can’t wait to see what these crowds have in store for us this time round.

It’s headlined by Don Broco and We Are The In Crowd, who do you think parties harder?
Jim (Pure Love): We can try and take them on!
James (Rolo Tomassi): I have no idea! Maybe I’ll know after we’ve played the festival.
Ali (Bleed From Within): I’ve seen the guys in Don Broco on stage, and they look like they know how to party. I guess we will have to find them both at Hit The Deck and see for ourselves.

What’s the hardest you’ve ever partied?
Jim (Pure Love): We’re really happy to be playing. The crowds in Bristol and Nottingham are always great.
James (Rolo Tomassi): I think I reached my party-peak at Leeds Festival in 2007. Despite my best efforts I’ve never been able to replicate what was achieved that weekend.
Ali (Bleed From Within): Download festival always tends to get pretty messy. I recently picked a fight with 20 Turkish taxi drivers outside a club in Germany (which I do NOT remember), Kennedy has tried climbing into someone’s flat through an open window outside Ghostfest, and Davie has thrown bottles out of hotel windows before. We tend to sit in the one place and drink til we can’t drink anymore, then get up and go for a wander. That’s when mad shit happens.

What’s your best festival memory?
Jim (Pure Love): Reading and Leeds festival were pretty amazing last year. We played the Radio 1 stage and the tent was rammed. We were blown away by the response. We hope we’ll be back this year.
James (Rolo Tomassi): Probably getting to play Leeds festival in 2010. I’ve grown up going to that festival and the whole experience of playing it was a literal teenage-dream realised.
Ali (Bleed From Within): Hands down, it has to be when we played at Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium 2011. We walked out to about 13,000 people in this massive tent, and everyone went mental from the second we started playing. It was a life-changing experience for each member of the band! Plus my parents were there to see it, which was pretty fucking cool.

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