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Alex Baker on new music

This week’s blog contains an exclusive video with Deaf Havana and Tek-One down in Newquay. They’re drunk. Oh so drunk. Check it out after the jump.

I don’t know what the fuck was going on about 9 months ago, but you must have been able to smell the sex in the air, as babies are getting fired into this world left right and centre at the moment. Everywhere I look – BABIES! Oh what’s that under that table? BABY! Who’s that on main stage at the moment? SICK BABY GUITARIST! Mmmmm what’s the lovely smell? OVEN-CHIP BABY!

The latest baby to join humanity is a baby called Sadie – she is totes amaze and she is my bro’s baby. Yet again I’m having dreams of being the ultimate uncle – I want to teach her the ways of the Ninja, I want to lock her in a soundproof booth and play her non-stop Whitney and Mariah so that over time she can hit notes that current vocalists can only dream of, the very same notes that the sick doctors who breed dolphins with gospel singers are attempting to achieve (true story). Welcome to the world Sadie, make sure read my FRONT blogs cos they are fucking sick! You’ll learn loads! Fuck school, hang out with me!

I can only be a superbadasskickasshero Uncle if I’m actually alive so it’s a shame that I recently diced with death on the most fundamental level. Kids: wanna survive in this topsy turvey world? Don’t EVER…EVER EVER EVER try and keep up with Deaf Havana and Tek-One on a drinking binge in Newquay. You will suffer greatly and you may even die.

Monster Energy had this wonderful idea to rent a big ass house in Newquay and have a party. I was instantly like “YES! That sounds splendid! Sip a Monster Rehab in the sun whilst doing a bit of surfing, maybe get some fish and chips in, tease a whale, punch a shark” but then they had to go and ruin my middle class fantasy by inviting FRONT, Deaf Havana and Tek-One. Ten bottles of Jager, ten bottles of Sailor Jerry, five bottles of Vodka, 200 beers and a pallet of Monster later and James Veck-Gilodi was robot dancing, Lee Wilson was hugging, manager man Jamie was freestyle rap battling anyone within 5 metres, I was throwing up on myself and Howard from Tek-One ALMOST KILLED US ALL BY LEAVING THE GAS ON, UNLIT, FOR TWO HOURS WHILE HE SLEPT IN BED AFTER TRYING (AND FAILING) TO MAKE A BACON SANDWICH. Real talk, if it wasn’t for Jamesy’s other-worldly ability to drink everything and stay sober enough to smell a gas leak at twenty paces I have no doubt I would be 100% dead. He literally kicked my bedroom door open like a superhero and dragged me out. Hero shit, right there.

Because we’re rockstars, we are all filmed 24/7 – GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE (we hired someone to film us) – the results are right here. Exclusively for FRONT, expect dance-offs, Jagerbombs, chilled-acoustic vibes, ultra party times and me completely losing my ability to interview people…

Yeahhhh, so The Drunken Interview as a concept is wonderful, but in reality…that happens. Not my finest work, what do you mean you won’t give me a job hosting T4 On The Beach? Cunts!

What followed the drunken interview was lots of football chanting, vomiting, a sand eating competition, horrible sand-vomiting, hanging out with Jurassic 5, slurring at a group of girls who were dressed as various female Disney characters (including Fiona from Shrek, in Ogre form…why would you EVER choose that outfit?), vomiting on Cinderella, shouting “EVERYONE I LOVE DIES” over the triumphant chorus of Bon Jovi’s smash hit “Livin’ On A Prayer” – and almost dying…which I believe I’ve mentioned (thanks Howard!)

I thought it was probably worthwhile catching up with Deaf Havana to check that they were still alive, however picking up the phone and calling them is for pussies so I bribed someone at BT to redirect all the UKs pubs/breweries/booze distributors calls to MY mobile number, then I organised an elaborate scheme involving the entire fleet of Eddie Stobart’s trucks, a Hummer and a helicopter that was fashioned out of a dead cat and totally cut off the supply of alcohol to the Deaf Havana lads hometowns! Then, I waited…

…within, quite literally a few minutes, this happened:

Ring ring…ring ring…ring ring
Me: “Hello?”

DH: “What the hell is going on?! What does a guy have to do to get a drink around here?”

Me: “Ahh yes hello sir, we’re experiencing some problems with distribution in your area, but it’s great to hear you’re alive.”

DH: “What? What are you talking about, why wouldn’t I be alive?”

Me: “Errm, nothing, *cough* love the album *cough*”

DH: “What? Sorry mate, couldn’t hear you there, what was that?”

Me: “Nothing, I’m just doing a survey…who would you say are your favourite upcoming bands in the world right now?”

DH: “…Alex is that you?”

Me: “…………I am called Alex yes…”

DH: “Why do you always do this everytime you want to talk to us Alex?”

Me: “I just don’t know…”

DH: “Just come over!!”

Me: “Ok”
So I went over, and found out what new awesome music they’re blasting right now.



Come on then Oggers, hit us with the big ones!


Feed The Rhino.

I’ve never been a huge fan of heavy music, but I’ve always been a fan of bands that put on a good show. These guys really put on a good live show and know how to work the crowd. I saw them for the first time at Hevy festival and they blew me away to be honest. Lee is such a good front man, and they are all very tight musicians. About 3 years ago the music industry became massively over saturated with metal, which really put me off. These guys definitely rise above the rest, such a good band.


The First

I’ve been friends with these guys for ages, they’re from our hometown so we all get along well. We toured with them back in July 2011 and had such a great time, a lot of late nights and whisky was involved. Ballsy rock songs with catchy hooks and shredding guitar solos, so good to watch live.



I’ve known these guys from previous band ‘Lights And Sounds’ and Max is currently playing keys with us. The new material for Venice is overwhelmingly catchy and Max has such a good singing voice. They’re very piano based and piano (apart from drums) is one of my favourite instruments. Just really good summer anthems, these guys should be huge.

<Could NOT find a video for these dudes anywhere! HARDEST BAND IN THE WORLD TO FIND ON GOOGLE!! I’ll give a virtual high-five to the first person who tracks them down!! and lets me know on twitter @alexbakerman>


Portia Conn

We’ve loved Portia’s voice for ages, hence why we asked her to sing on Little White Lies. Her new songs are so catchy and well written, and her backing band are just phenomenal. She has one of those soothing voices that you can just listen to forever without getting bored.



Again, heavy music really isn’t my thing, but these guys the stand out about the rest. I remember about 4 years ago playing in a pub with these guys, and we all just clicked. We proceeded to get obliterated and have stayed friends since. Energetic hardcore, so good to watch live.


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