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Latest Alt Girl Appearance: Issue 170

Dream job: I would love to move to Fuerteventura and open a little bar. I’d surf all day and drink all night.
Best thing about being a FRONT Alt girl: It’s just another excuse to show off my boobs!
Turn ons: I’m one for a smile. A slightly weird but still nice smile is even better, like David Bowie or Gotye’s.
Turn offs: Chinos. That whole One Direction look is shit. I can’t stand them.
Favourite food: I’m going to sound really uncool right now, but it’s salmon salad. I love salmon, I love salad, so it sorta makes sense. I ate it last night, in fact.
First gig: I can’t believe I’m about to admit it, but Hear’Say when I was really young. I actually fell asleep during it, that’s how good it must have been.
Last gig: It was Skindred. They’re one of my favourite bands, and they’re amazing live. Nobody can pull stuff off like Benji does.
Claim to fame: When I saw Mötley Crüe at Download I got pulled out of the crowd and Tommy Lee stopped to ask if I was okay. That was a bit incredible.
Sexy/mind-blowing fact about you: I can do anything with my feet. Like, actually anything. Ask me to do anything with my feet and I can do it.

(Also, if anyone wants a Marilyn Manson tee like Bella’s, we sell ‘em.)

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