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What better way to celebrate Halloween than with an exclusive Alt Girl set of our favourite Alt Girl Keshia as Harley Quinn – the sexy on/off girlfriend of the joker.
So Keshia, why Harley Quinn for Halloween?
She’s my favourite DC character and I love her whole crazy personality!
What other outfits have you worn in the past, and which got you the most attention?
Last year I was Poison Ivy. I usually do whoever matches my current hair colour, so at the time I was a redhead and looked just like her! Catwoman’s on the cards next…
Which fancy dress on boys do you like?
Well, I guess I’m missing my Joker right now…
So how will you be spending Halloween this year?
Halloween is, dare I say it, even better than Christmas, maybe? So I party hard! I dressed up for work the weekend before then on actual Halloween I’m going to a big nightclub party then this weekend my friend’s having a Halloween house party! And I’m differently dressed for each occasion! Not to mention squeezing in time to take the little bro trick-or-treating! Must find time to egg some houses, though.
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