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Everyone’s favourite Japanese post-hardcore-electro-tech-metallers Crossfaith give us the run down of their Top 5 Japanese gore films. If you’ve got the stomach for it, add these to your Amazon wishlist…

Battle Royale
“This is the most famous Japanese gore movie in the world. The plot is that a group of high school students are forced to kill each other. Every single person in this movie tries desperately to survive, and it’s completely shocking! If you haven’t seen it, you must watch it.”

Cold Fish
“So much violence. So many mental scenes. If you like A Clockwork Orange, you’ll love this.”

Ju-on: The Grudge
“This is definitely our favourite Japanese horror movie. We think you’ll probably turn your eyes away at some of the scenes. This is the best introduction for someone to get into Japanese horror movies.”

“A couple are kidnapped by a crazy doctor, who goes on to torture them to see their love, until he’s impressed enough to stop. The scene where the doctor crushed the ball is the worst…”

Death File
“This movie is just focusing on a dead human body at an accident scene. Everything is real, so you’ll be shocked. Also you won’t want to eat anything after watching this.”

We couldn’t find a trailer for this (damn you, Youtube!) but trust us, it’s incredible. Also make sure you listen to Crossfaith as they’re fucking badass and their live show is batshittingly mental.

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