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Despite being a bit of a mammoth one for 2009, Peter Jackson’s alien/apartheid flick District 9 has arrived without any hint of the face-melting fanfare you might expect from the Lord of the Rings leg-end.
Set in a parallel world where aliens have settled in a massive Johannesburg shanty town (known as District 9, yeah?), the film follows events after an attempt to enforce a mass eviction of the extra-terrestrials goes titties up.
Once you’ve got over the ever-chucklesome Sith Africaaan accents, you’ll probably find yourself pretty engrossed by a film that’s nice ‘n’ fast-paced and oozing with awesomely trigger-happy fight scenes.

Movie Maths: Independence Day + Schindler’s List – Jeff Goldblum’s face = District 9

FRONT Verdict: 4 outta 5, we reckons
In Cinemas: 4 September

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