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You know how each and every parent in the world is proud of their kids, even if their kids are naughty, sweary, drunken lunatics? Yup, that’s exactly how we feel about this current issue of FRONT. It’s the magazine that kicks all the other magazines in the shins, skulls a beer and smashes the can into its own face and still manages to hardflip away at the end while screaming obscenities at the world. Who wouldn’t be proud of that? Check out our new issue post to see why this month’s mag kicks arse, then check out five more huge names that we’ve got in the mag below:

“I’ve been teaching people my new game called Bear Ninja Hunter.” – Arabella Drummond
The sexiest pirate ever to travel the world is back where she belongs on the cover of FRONT, and holy shit is she smokin’ this month. Check inside for the awesomest shoot you’ll ever see of Arabella, and learn her new crazy sport Bear Ninja Hunter that she’s absolutely definitely better than you at, how she almost died in a plane with us to Belgium and why a hook for a hand would make you massively cool.


“If Ronaldo was still at United, I’d have his name tattooed on my back.” – Sam Carter, Architects
When we say that Architects are having the year of their lives, we ain’t lying. Arguably their best album to date is on the shelves, they’ve smashed through a host of festival stages around the world and bid farewell to one of their guitarists. With all that and more in mind, we sat down with them to talk about being best mates with Rio Ferdinand. Obviously.


“I’ve got a bong in every room.” – Jesse Ketive, Emmure
Of course he does. Why wouldn’t the metalcore seven-stringer have a bong in every room of his house? We take a look inside his smokey dwelling to see what awesome shit he possesses. Look out for the German doner kebab sign that we absolutely want to steal off him.


“I was wasted, so I went, ‘Put a fucking pitchfork on my neck!’” – Matt Skiba, Alkaline Trio
The emo-punk pioneer tours us around his body stopping off at his drunkenly tattooed neck, his arms covered in germs and his paisley elbows. Also, find out a man from Chicago would get a massive tattoo of Cleveland up his ribs.


“Jack White can do no wrong in my book.” – Adam Lazzara, Taking Back Sunday
We’ve got a very cool A-List Playlist with the mic-swinging Taking Back Sunday frontman, in which he takes us through 14 songs that made him who he is today. Once you’ve read it, why not visit out Mixtapes page and listen to a Spotify playlist of the tunes he picked? Goddamn that’s very organised and kind of us.


Pretty enormous, right? Run to the shops right now to buy it, or why not beat the crowds of frenzied people out on the street and grab an issue from our online shop HERE or find all our digital versions HERE, too? Dead easy, like. Thanks for listening, and stay rad.

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