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Christ on a bicycle, it’s cold out this morning. If only there was something that could warm the cockles and thaw out those frosty balls today. Something like a dead amazing magazine full of awesome shit and sexy girls. If only, eh?

Anyway, here’re four reasons why you need to buy the CURRENT INCREDIBLE ISSUE OF FRONT:

THE RISE OF SABINE: If you’ve not met her already, then hell, you’re in for a treat. The heart-stoppingly hot Sabine takes you through the A-Z of horror from the comfort of a freakishly weird house, whilst wearing not very much at all.


LEARN HOW TO CUT OFF AN ARM: Where else in the world are you gonna see a backwards cap-wearing wolf hurling a Samurai sword around and chopping off some dude’s arm before bedding naked ladies and smoking weed? Nowhere, that’s where. This is nowt short of amazing.


EMILY LASER IS BACK: Hello Emily, what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen? “Erm, I’d probably say that giant stuffed mouse that I saw at a fair. Well, it was sort of a mouse, beacuse it was made out of loads of different animals. It also had the skeleton of the world’s tallest man.” Emily Laser, we love you more than anything.


WE MEET DUSTIN DOLLIN: With talk of doing tricks over naked girls, buying $6,000 cashmere coats in Mexico while whacked out of his head and why beer is good for breakfast, the hardest-partying skater on Earth gives us a killer interview.


Pretty fucking sick, right? Get a piece of the action from HERE, or go fucking crazy and check out our ultra-naked, super-special limited edition cover too, which you can grab from HERE and nowhere else!

Big love to you all, you sexy bastards. x

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