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Welcome everyone to the sexy summer extravaganza of FRONT 183! It’s been a long time coming but that big hot ball in the sky has finally sorted its life out and granted us some killer rays, duuuuuuude! And with hot weather comes even hotter girls, and this issue has not one, not three, BUT TWO NEW stunning cover stars in Claudia and Natalie. They spent a weekend at the seaside catching some sun, playing in the sea and generally pissing about because that’s what beaches are for. That and digging massive fuck off holes. But there’s more to this issue than sexy sandy ladies, there’s also…

  • Hip-hop’s Mr Nice DOT ROTTEN answers our infamous Twenty Questions.
  • We take a look around Teru from CROSSFAITH‘s rad pad and Jager collection.
  • MELLISA CLARKE is back and has her name spelled wrong. But if you’re looking at her name you’re doing it wrong.
  • We play dress-up with pop-punk heroes ALL TIME LOW.
  • Jason Aalon Butler talks to us about LETLIVE. being a way of life.
  • We talk to FOUR YEAR STRONG about their abundance of tour tattoos.
  • BURY TOMORROW get covered in milk, cold beans and watermelon. Because FRONT.
  • The incredible HELEN GIBSON talks to us about loving horror movies and Cornettos.
  • We celebrate 30 years of Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All by looking at the HISTORY OF THRASH.
  • Dubstep pioneer BENGA gives us the low-down on the music that shaped him.

AND A FUCKETY-TON MORE, including QUITE A LARGE TYPO! But you’ll have to buy a copy to find out what.



MELLISA CLARKE                             NATALIE & CLAUDIA                                  HELEN GIBSON

FRONT 183 is in stores now, folks. Go and get it now! Now. NOW, YOU SHIT!

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