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On Wednesday we told you that a few FRONT staffers were hitting the Swiss mountains to check out The Brits, home of the British ski and snowboard champs. Here’s some proof that what we said yesterday wasn’t a big pooey lie. As if we’d do that to you…

Some big boy action has been going down, including the snowboard halfpipe crown being placed on shredder Henry Shackleton’s icy noggin after cracking out a crazy-huge frontside 900, with Jamie Foster coming in at second and friend of FRONT Dan Wakeham snagging third.

The Big Air comp was just as rad, seeing Sam Turnbull take the top spot with a pretty fucking nice back 900 mute that he grabbed out right until the last second, on top of the first ever double rodeo The Brits has ever seen. Not too shabby, eh? For the ladies, Katie Ormerod, at the elderly age of 14, threw down an off-axis backside 7 mute off the big kicker and a super tweaked back 3 indy to win this year. She’s a name to watch, we’re telling ya.

Tonight we’re piercing our own faces and swearing loads at authority figures as the entire resort descends onto DJ Christian Stevenson’s killer punk night. We’re going to try and do a really great sick everywhere to get right bang in the mindset. We’re dedicated like that. We’ll let you know how that goes later. Stay posted.

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