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Hell yes, readers. Like a boomerang, a reoccurring rash or a stubborn morning boner, FRONT Magazine is rocketing its way back into your lives today and making you one happier, gnarlier, awesomer and sexier motherfucker. We’ve gone all-out this month, putting our blood, sweat and beers into making a mag so huge you could see it from space. Honest, we rang up that famous space station in space and spoke to the space people who said, “Fuck guys, this month’s issue looks SICK.” And if a space man likes it, you’re gonna fucking love it. Here’s what all the fuss is about.

If your eyes haven’t just popped out of their sockets, you’ll be stoked to see that the incredible Danielle is back, and this time bringing two more of the fittest girls in the world, Gabriella and Bryony, with her. If you don’t fall in love with them, then your heart is made of cheese and dust and sorrow. See a doctor immediately.

An invitation to The Gloomy Club with director TIM BURTON, meeting ghosts with COREY TAYLOR, the sexy return of ALYSHA NETT, hot sauce pranks and taco vans with PIERCE THE VEIL, Satan monkey tattoos with BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL, messing about on Kayne’s face with telly’s THE MIDNIGHT BEAST, mega mixtapes with DJ FRESH, fucked-up festivals with INSANE CLOWN POSSE, necking vodka with BENGA, zombie shit-kicking with THE WALKING DEAD and how to pull a poltergeist with our GUIDE TO GHOST HUNTING.

Black metal books, world-saving sexy calendars, the loudest band in the South West, spanking new skate parks, crap practical jokes, badass beards in Brighton, dogs with beaks, the prettiest snowboarding girl in the world, stacks of heart-breakingly great Alt Girls, how to stitch up a wound and a magic bird with testicles on its chin.

Fuuuck, it’s so big! Why not beat the crowds of frenzied people out on the street and grab an issue from our online shop HERE or find all our digital versions HERE, too? Dead easy, like. Thanks for listening, and stay rad.

        GABRIELLA                                         DANIELLE SHARP                                 BRYONY MORGANA

ALYSHA NETT                                          EMMA TORR

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