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STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW (unless it’s saving someone’s life, in which case, we’ll give you three seconds). The newest, freshest and excellentest issue of FRONT is winging its way to a newsagent’s shelf near you as we speak, and heck, it’s going to change your life. Here’s a few reasons why:


THE REVENGE OF VIKKI BLOWS: She’s back, looking better than ever and compiling her sinful list of all things naughty. Join her getting up to no good, from upsetting God to eating biscuits in bed, pulling moonies to swearing at dogs. It’s nothing short of the greatest 14 pages you’ll ever see in your whole entire life ever. Ever ever ever.


WIN AT LIFE WITH FRONT’S ESSENTIAL SKILLS: Have you ever walked out of your door, bumped into a girl that’s fit enough to burn two bollock-sized holes in your trousers and had nothing in your armoury of skills to impress her? Course you have. That’s why, with the help of Lower Than Atlantis, we’ve complied Part One of our Essential Skills feature to make sure that never happens again. Learn how to do facepaint really good with Black Veil Brides, how to look good naked with Chris Pontius and even crack an egg with one hand. Yep, you’ll be king of the human race in no time at all!


20 QUESTIONS WITH PRO GREEN: He may have been brutally stabbed in the neck a while back, but how did Professor Green fare against FRONT’s killer questions? Find out how he crashed a tuk-tuk into a police car and why he fucking hates Kate Nash on page 50.


LIFE IN INK WITH DEEZ NUTS: Aussie hardcore vox man JJ Peters, out of Deez Nuts and I Killed The Prom Queen, lets us know why Valium is great for tattoos and what it feels like to wake up with surprise facial ink. Oh, and that back piece is a little bit fucking huge, too.

Eye Candy

THE ZOMBIE SHOWDOWN IS UPON US: What with Dead Island, The Walking Dead and World War Z spreading around the globe like, er, some sort of virus, we very scientifically find out which type of flesh-eating, slightly falling-to-pieces grave-hating bastard would kick ass and be crowned king of the undead! There’s a zombie elephant too, which is fucking brilliant.

So there you have it. Several nothing-but-excellent reasons why FRONT needs to be in your life this month. Head over to the FRONT shop right now to buy a copy from HERE, or buy yourself a PC, Mac or iPad version from HERE.

ALSO, how would you like to get this issue with a limited edition naked cover? Obviously, the answer is FUCKING HELL YES PLEASE. Click here very quickly to get one of the 200 spesh covers we’re dishing out. They’re going to go very, very fast, so be quick about it.

If all this is too techy for ya, peel the sofa from your arse and head down to your amazing and attractive newsagent to get your fingers on a copy. If your newsagent doesn’t stock us, then they’re neither amazing or attractive. Apparently, they hate you, too. What a dick. We still love you though. x

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