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Megan Massacre - photo by Joseph H Berhosky
FRONT recently sat down with Megan Massacre, star of NY Ink, to run her through the twenty questions we put to everyone. As well as NY Ink, she can be seen on America’s Worst Tattoos, which started on Sunday on TLC and can be seen every Sunday at 10:30 for the next twelve weeks.

1. How many members of Wu-Tang can you name?
ODB, who changed his name to Baby Jesus or something. Oh, and Method Man, Redman – how many are there? I might be at my limit.

2. What’s the greatest pair of shoes you’ve ever owned?
I feel like it’s the pair I just bought. They’re basically like if you took a hundred fake flowers and glued them to your feet. They’re from Irregular Choice, by Dan Sullivan, and they’re called Stealing Limelight. It’s like wearing a pair of flowers. They’re so cool. I haven’t worn them yet.

3. Favourite video game of all time?
That’s hard, I play a lot. I’ve spent the most time on World Of Warcraft, easily. I was level-capped at 80. This was a few years ago – I’d play at least four hours a day when working and 14 hours a day on weekends. I’d bring my laptop to work and I’d log on on my breaks from tattooing. I was obsessed. I had to decide – do I want to be a career TV tattooer or a career gamer? I still have an Xbox 360, and play Skyrim and Fable.

4. Where’s the best place in the world?
Different places are great for different reasons. I think New York is pretty awesome – there’s a little bit of everything in that city. There’s beautiful parks but huge skyscrapers, and everything’s open 24 hours a day. I’m so spoiled living there – over here everything closes at nine, how do people not starve to death?

5. Say you can travel through time. Where do you go and what do you do there?
I’d go back to the Middle Ages and be one of those women who dresses up as a man so they could be a warrior, like Joan Of Arc. I’d like to be in a time before guns, when people had to have skill with swords to survive. People are so preoccupied these days with dumb things that don’t matter, but back then you had to worry about survival, so life had more meaning.

6. What’s your favourite insult?
Me and my boyfriend Joey have a thing we like to say, which is that someone gives us “idiot shivers”. That’s when you’re watching someone and you feel embarrassed for them.

7. What’s your favourite mythical creature?
My boyfriend, because he’s a unicorn.

8. Favourite smell?

9. Who was your childhood hero?
I had a major little-kid crush on Lion-O from Thundercats when I was a little kid.

10. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?
Meat. I became a vegetarian over the course of a few years – I’d stop eating fast food, then stop eating red meat, then stop eating pork, then stop eating fish… I haven’t touched any meat in three years.

Megan Massacre - photo by MichellexStar

11. What’s the first album you ever bought?
When I was a little kid I bought the Pocahontas soundtrack. One of the first I bought as a teenager actually rocking out to music was Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt.

12. Booze of choice?
Jameson’s and ginger.

14. Most illegal thing you’ve ever done?
I’ve done a lot of illegal shit when I was younger. I did drugs, sold drugs in a loose sense, small amounts. When I was 14 I had a friend who would go to the city and buy 3000 ecstasy pills, and I’d help him give them out. I’ve almost lost my licence before. Oh, I ran a guy over with my car once. He deserved it though. I’ve been a really good girl for a long time now.

15. If you weren’t tattooing and modelling for a living, what would you be doing?
I had no idea what I was going to do before tattooing fell in my lap. I always wanted to do it, but I was given an opportunity. There’s part of me that wishes I’d got more into music, but I think it would be something artistic – painting, fashion designing, interior designing… I think it would always have ended up as a bit of a melting pot.

16. Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you.
You know what? I’m a pretty open book.

17. Superpower of choice?
I like the idea of teleportation, because I’m bad at flying. Click, I’m in London, click, I’m in Berlin. I’d like that.

18. What have you seen that you wish you could un-see?
On my second trip to the UK, I was on tour with Joey’s band. I’d slipped the day before and broken two of my fingers, and I was hungover and figuring out whether I could find a pharmacy to make a splint. We noticed caution tape everywhere, so we walked down the street and there was a splattered dead body, and nobody around. Head exploded, brains everywhere, just all over the ground. It was a guy that had jumped off a building. There was only one street to get to the venue though, so we saw it again later on on the way back and they’d just taken the body away and put sand down to absorb everything.

19. What were you like when you were younger?
When I was in high school, I didn’t look anything like I do now. I’m naturally blonde, and had natural straight hair, a tan, dressed in pink like a cheerleader, because I just wanted to fit in. When I show someone a picture of me when I was 16 they’re floored, like “Maybe that’s your cousin, it’s definitely not you.”

20. What’s your favourite colour?
I had red hair a year ago, and I bought like 30 pairs of red shoes, but now I have orange hair I hate red. My new colour’s yellow…

Did you notice that we missed at least one question out? There’s no number 13. We can only attribute this to (a) how early in the morning this interview took place and (b) how short Megan’s dress was. Sorry everyone. Megan’s doing a signing at Love Hate Social Club in Notting Hill this Saturday – details below.

megan masscre - attitude signing

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