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Hello Attila, tell us a quick bit about yourself…
My name is Attila Szamosi. I’m an illustrator and graphic designer based in the beautiful city of Berlin in Germany.
Some time ago I founded an art and design collective called Peachbeach with two friends.

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Talk us through a typical job, from the initial idea to a completed piece.
I’ve got loads of sketchbooks with ideas that I’ve collected over the years. If I feel bored I go through these and think about which idea I could execute into a new piece of illustration. If there’s a concrete job I start with researching and sketching. Then the final artwork follows with outlines and colors.

Disney or anime?
When I was a child I wanted to be a Disney animator, but nowadays I don’t like Disney that much. Some animes are cool, but I’m not the biggest fan of animated films.

Toilet-wall graffiti or photorealism?
Toilet-wall graffiti rulez! In the loneliness and anonymity of a toilet session people often write the things they really think about, and these are often really funny. In my school days I drew elaborate pieces on the toilet walls, and I sometimes ask myself if they’re still there…

Do you prefer working freehand or doing as much as you can on computer?
I prefer freehand, but unfortunately I do most work with the computer because it’s faster. I try do do freehand art as often as possible with real ink and colours on real paper and canvas.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?
In times of permanent internet-availability I see cool things every five minutes. I live in Berlin, where I’m exposed to cool parties, music, friends, street art, graffiti, weird people and stuff everywhere, so I can’t answer this properly.

What artists/illustrators do you look up to?
There are loads of brilliant people. My favourite classics are Alfons Mucha, Gerd Arntz, Dali. Actual illustrators I really like are the likes of Flying Förtress, Luke Ramsey, Mike Giant, Koa and many, many more…

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