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Tell us a quick bit about yourself.
Hello my name is Davy Le Chevance. I was born in 1985 in St Brieuc in Brittany, and I’ve been a graphic designer and illustrator for three years.

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Talk us through a typical job, from the initial idea to a completed piece.
I usually start with a pencil on a sheet of paper. Then I scan the drawing to rework the computer. I sometimes start directly on the computer when I’m looking to make a logo or illustration isometric, for example.

Disney or anime? Toilet-wall graffiti or photorealism?
Disney characters have a unique style that I like, but I also like Japanese anime – they were two of my first influences. I discovered graffiti at the age of 14 and I really enjoyed it, but I never persevered with it – I preferred to let people who were really good at it do it… Photorealism is quite impressive but not enough fun – I lose interest with it.

Do you prefer working freehand or doing as much as you can on computer?
I prefer to work by hand – it’s just much more enjoyable. Using a the tablet for computer work makes it a bit more pleasant, but it still doesn’t match the traditional method.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?
There are too many things too mention… I love this White Stripes video by Michel Gondry, though.

What artists/illustrators do you look up to?
Again, there’s too many to mention… Alex Trochut, 123 Klan, Akroe, PMKFA, Mist, Flying Fort Ress, Pro, Dizer, Rcf1, Revoke, TKid, Roid, Zevs, Banksy, J3concept, Cuyp, Niark One, Adolphe Pimpernel, Cassandra Jhon Buscema, Jack Kirby…

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