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Zooming through the air and into your grubby hands is the brand new, super-sexy issue of FRONT! Starring on the cover this month is our very own Wonder Woman – Nicole Neal – who talks to us about her own superpowers. And she’s joined in her own Justice League of hotness with Charlotte Moran and Marjun. So what are you waiting for? Oh, you need more reasons?

  • We take a look back at the history of DAFT PUNK‘s trademark masks.
  • THE ROCK talks to us about Fast & Furious Six.
  • We talk to CHARLOTTE MORAN about Quentin Tarantino and fire breathing.
  • The star of Man Of Steel, HENRY CAVILL, tells us about being the first ever British Superman.
  • Gore-loving director ELI ROTH answers our infamous 20 Questions.
  • Our Alt Girl is the joint-rolling rainbow-haired beauty MARJUN.
  • We introduce you to the secretive, darkness-embracing skaters BARRIER KULT.
  • GALLOWS‘ Wade MacNeil shows off his record collection, Turbonegro outfit and sick motorbike.
  • Greg Puciato from THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN talks about the songs that made him.

And way more stuff that we’re not going to type out so you’re going to have to pick up a copy instead. It’ll be worth it. Trust.



        MARJUN                                               NICOLE NEAL                                 CHARLOTTE MORAN

FRONT 182 is in stores NOW. You don’t need X-Ray vision to read it, but you should wear a cape and a mask. Then you’ll look boss.

Get your copy of FRONT 182 HERE.

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