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Happy New FRONT Day, readers! Today’s the day that the universe gets 75% sexier, funnier, gnarlier and betterer with our next issue falling into your grubby hands and hitting you so hard in the face that your eyes will end up on your chin and your chin on your eyes. Yup, that’s a real fact and everything. New FRONT Day comes but 13 time a year, so celebrate it by running down to one of the coolest shops on your street, handing over just £3.99 and buying an issue? It’s like Christmas, but instead of a pair of socks and your grandma drooling over the sofa arm, you get a massive dose of INCREDIBLE. Here’s what’s coming your way…

IF your first thoughts when you woken up this morning were “Do you know what I really need in my life? A world-changing magazine with the hot-as-hell SEREN sitting on a delicious giant burger on the cover” then prepare to pick that jaw up off the floor. The sexiest girl in Wales ever reveals her secret vices, or, as we’ve intelligently named them, Seren Deadly Sins. That’s real clever, that is. Oh, she’s super-naked inside, too. Just so you know.


Potty-mouthed politics with the funniest men alive WILL FERRELL and ZACH GALIFIANAKIS, one dangerous day at a theme park with YOUNG GUNS, mega mixtapes with ROB ZOMBIE the metallest BBQ imaginable with GWAR, birthday celebrations with JUDGE DREDD, drawing semen with comic book hero GRANT MORRISON, humungous skate legends DANNY WAY and STEVE CABALLERO, a look around Anthony Green of CIRCA SURVIVE‘s place, rock’n'roll reality with FEED THE RHINO, upcoming tour lowdowns with WE CAME AS ROMANS, tattoos explained with OBEY THE BRAVE and lots and lots of weed with MIKILL PANE.

Cruiser decks, intelligence gone extreme, zombies, beer bongs, stuffed crows, life-saving wolves, stacks of backpacks and a tattoo of Bananaman. Fuuuck, it’s so big! Why not beat the crowds of frenzied people out on the street and grab an issue from our online shop HERE or find all our digital versions HERE, too? Dead easy, like. Thanks for listening, and stay rad.

SEREN GIBSON                                COURTNIE QUINLAN                                 REBECCA CROW 

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