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Time travel is a right lark isn’t it? Yes.

School history projects are a right drag aren’t they? Yes.

Using time travel to make sure you get full marks in your school history project is a right good idea isn’t it?


We know it’s a good idea because we’ve seen it work before, namely when two blokes called Bill Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan did that exact thing. They got in a time travelling phone box (Dr What?) and went across time picking up various notable figures from history, brought them back and got them to personally star in their history presentation. Obviously they passed with flying colours.

This is a great message to send out to kids – if you’re not very good at a subject, just get someone else to basically do it for you and make sure you distract your examiners using flashy/devious techniques. This is how we passed all our exams anyway…

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a classic – it’s one of our all-time favourite comedies and if you haven’t seen it, you really do need to. There’s not much excuse for not having seen it really, unless of course your excuse is “The big boy down the road said he’d punch me in the willy if I ever watched Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

How about WE punch you in the willy if you DON’T watch it? Whose punch is harder, eh?

It’s on ITV at 2.25pm.

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