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If you haven’t seen The Karate Kid then you’re probably a cat or something - everyone’s seen The Karate Kid. But just in case you are a cat, we’ll tell you what it’s about. IT’S ABOUT this kid who learns Karate off an old master so that he can fight the school bully in a karate competition. It’s right good.

It’s an absolutely classic performance from Pat Morita as Mr Miyagi – a lot of people don’t realise that he was actually nominated for an Oscar. That’s right, a film called The Karate Kid was actually nominated for an Oscar – good shit.

It was also nominated for and won FRONT’s Karate Kid Award For Best Crane Kick Comeback, which is a pretty sought-after award in the world of Karate Kids. You need to watch this – it’s brilliant. Also, if it wasn’t for The Karate Kid, then we wouldn’t have…



In this one, our mate Daniel san is back and this time he’s in Japan! Unfortunately we can’t really remember much of this sequel – we apologise. But then that’s just an excuse for us to watch it today innit. We remember that it was good, so our recommendation is still worth listening to. You can trust us – we know our shit when it comes to films about people getting kicked.

Both films are on today – The Karate Kid is on Watch at 2.20pm, then The Karate Kid II is on immediately after at 4.45pm.

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