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We love Jim Carrey – Ace Ventura and Dumb & Dumber are two of our favourite films ever, but what if we told you that one of his best films isn’t even that funny? Yeah, we see you dropping to the floor, crossing your arms and sticking your bottom lip out you stroppy bastard, but if you’re a normal human being, you’ll know we’re talking about The Truman Show.

Up until The Truman Show, Carrey was famous for mugging his rubbery boat about and banging his head on stuff, but we guess he got a bit bored of people shouting “Oi Carrey, do something funny Mr. Funny Pants! Tell a fucking joke or something you tosser!” so he went the serious route for a bit. The Truman Show is about this bloke whose entire life is a TV programme, but here’s the twist – he doesn’t even fucking know it! So every time he dresses up in his wife’s underwear and talks dirty to himself, it’s all broadcast to the world (those scenes are only in the director’s cut btw).

Carrey plays the eponymous telly star, and he’s absolutely ace in the role – turns out he can act like a normal human being after all. He only really throws a wobbly in two scenes (which are admittedly funny) but for the majority of the run-time, he keeps it pretty subdued, he even manages to claw his way into your chest and tug at a couple of your heartstrings on occasion.

It’s a hugely brilliant premise from writer Andrew Niccol (S1m0ne) and Peter Weir (The Cars That Ate Paris) that although not entirely original (The Twilight Zone episode Special Service did it first), it’s still a fascinating concept that’ll stop you from ever getting naked again because you’re convinced your entire life is a television programme. Don’t worry though, your life isn’t a TV show, who would want to fucking watch YOU having a shit? Don’t flatter yourself.

Anyway, it’s on Film4 at 1pm.

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