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FRONT went to see Terminator: Salvation last night. Here is our considered review of it.

GOOD: There are some proper gnarly robots, and plenty of shit blowing up. Plus, everything’s nicely grim and post-apocalyptic – there are no cringe-inducing bits where someone says “Hasta la vista, baby!” or does a thumbs-up as they’re being lowered into molten-hot bubbling metal. And it’s definitely better than Terminator 3.

BAD: It doesn’t make a fat lot of sense at times, and it’s kind of hard to give a toss about any of the characters. And there aren’t any bits as cool as when Arnie’s picking off police cars from five stories up in Terminator 2.

OUR SCIENTIFIC CONCLUSION: It’s just about worth seeing – just don’t expect the world. Do expect the end of the world, though! Hahahaha. Yes.

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