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It’s Saturday, which means you’re either nursing a killer hangover or stood in your pants wondering what to do with your day. Luckily, this month’s FRONT can cure both those little headaches. Here’s three reasons why:

70,000 New Girls: Yep, we’ve filled each page with the sexiest of sexy new girls, including the quite lovely Charlotte, pictured just up there. We’ve not counted exactly how many there are, but give or take a few thousand from our guess and you’re almost there.

Everything You Need To Know Right Now: We’ve thrown all the amazing music, films, telly and games of 2011 straight into your faces, predicting what’s set to tickle your balls over the next 12 months.

Become A Rock Star Without Spending A Penny: Flick two fingers at your dickhead bank manager and roll like a fecking millionaire with our brilliant fool-proof guide. You may as well chop all your credit cards in half, ‘cos you won’t need them where we’re headed: straight to awesome town.

Grab a copy from your lovely newsagent, order it here, grab it for the iPad here, or for your PC or Mac here.

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