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We’re gonna spend Advent asking people we like what they want for Christmas, and we like Gavlyn. Gavlyn’s awesome. The 23-year-old LA rapper made her debut UK appearance last month at the New Era store, and will be bringing her third album Modest Confidence out in January. Her video for What I Do sent YouTube inside-out last year, and her newest one Guilty Pleasure is no less awesome – check her YouTube channel out here. Also, follow her on Twitter, she’s awesome and talks about farts a lot.

“I’d probably like a big-screen TV for Christmas, not a ridiculous one, just a nice normal big size. I watch a lot of cartoons. My grandma moved back to Argentina this year, so this Christmas will be a bit different, but usually what we do traditionally is make cannelonis. I’ll make an effort to do it, because she’s back in Buenos Aires. I’ve never made them before in my life, so hopefully they won’t come out all wrong.”

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